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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 Major Keys I Used to Experience a Painless Child Birth

Many of our beliefs and programming came from our family, friends and society. We accept these beliefs as our own - whether or not they are actually true. And because we accept them as part of our own belief system, they become true for us and in many ways hinder us from truly living. 

And so it is with our own birthing experiences. We've been taught that birthing contractions are painful and because we think of them as being painful we become fearful of them. This fear causes our bodies to resist the pain and as a result we experience more pain. 

The movies also promote this type of thinking making it difficult to have another view point regarding childbirth.

After having 7 children, I really wanted to have a different birthing experience with my 8th. We had 6 girls and 1 boy and I wanted to give my girls a difference experience - something that they'd remember when they got older - a gift of passage - that's what I called it, my terminology for a painless childbirth. 

A friend told me that his wife had a painless childbirth and I was fascinated with the entire concept. I asked my midwife if she had any reading material on the subject. I read through the book she loaned me and found the material very enlightening, empowering and a confirmation of many things I've come to believe from to my own childbirth experiences. 

Here are the 3 major keys I used that gave me a truly miraculous birthing experience. 

Key #1 - Relaxation

One of the key things I've come to learn is that a woman's uterus is a muscle and that with all muscles you need to relax them. When we become fearful, we tend to tense up and as a result we experience more pain.

Key #2 - Deep breathing

When we give our muscles enough oxygen they work for us and not against us. This is the major key to a painless childbirth and it makes the difference between experiencing pain and having a miraculous birthing experience. Deep breathing feeds the muscles with oxygen and puts them in a state of relaxation so they can work effectively.

Let's use this example. If you're riding a horse and you're not in sync with the horse, moving with the horse, you're sure to experience a bumpy ride. But if you moved with the horse, relaxing with it, you'll find your ride more pleasurable.

The same goes with each contraction. You need to work with each wave of contraction. Give the muscles in the uterus what it needs - relaxation and oxygen - and it will do what it was meant to do, naturally. Ride with each wave, totally relaxing and breathing. 

You do feel the contractions, but instead of pain, you feel like you're riding the contraction waves. As the contractions get stronger, like waves getting higher, they require more relaxation and deeper and stronger breath.

Key # 3 - Listen to the inner guidance

With each level of contraction strength, as I listened to the inner coaching of the Spirit, I kept hearing, "Relax, relax, breathe deep, work with the muscle. Relax even more, let it go, give the muscles what they need."

It's one thing to have head knowledge but it's another thing to make the application of the information to get the results you desire. Listening to the inner guidance of the Spirit gives you the wisdom you need to effectively apply what you need to the situation and as things change you're able to move with the change and not get lost wondering what to do next because the book never mentioned what to do if that particular situation arose.

I really wished I had known this for my other pregnancies. But the thing is when we make a decision to stop going with the crowd and popular beliefs and decide to experience something different, the Universe will work on our behalf to help us manifest our desires. It's truly amazing what we could accomplish when we decide not to settle for less. 

Take the time to know yourself, be relaxed with your body and be open to what the Spirit has to offer.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's Action Thursday as we go through some actions steps you could use to help you move away from the 'status quo' so you can achieve your personal goals.


  1. Hi Alicia....I think every woman experiencing pregnancy, for the first time or 10th, should read your column. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. It truly is an eye opener for us.


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