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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do You Know How To Wield Your Power?

You know by now that your thoughts create your reality.

You know that what you want to create in your outer world you must first create in your inner world.

You know that you have great power and potential in you.

And you know that you have a divine heritage and you have access to the universal power.

The question is, “Do you know how to use this power to create the life you desire? Do you know how to wield this power, to direct this universal energy to create the results you do want?

What happens when you’re thinking positive thoughts and you don’t see the results you want? Do you know what to do so you don’t sabotage your success, or I’ll use a garden terminology; pull up the seeds that you already sown.

It’s in the application of what you know that makes the difference, which creates the results you desire to have in your life. It doesn’t matter if you want to attract love into your life, improve your relationship, build self-confidence, attract wealth or improve your health; the principle and process of creation are still the same.

But most people are like children in terms of how to use this power. We’ve not been taught the process and just like power in the hand of a child can be destructive because he or she is unaware of how to use it or direct it, so too, many destroy their lives because of lack of knowledge or more so how to use the knowledge that they already have.

I’ve attracted my spiritual mate after my first relationship ended using these principles. I’ve used them to improve my current relationship.

With every pregnancy and birth (8 of them) I’ve use these principles to bring me through these experiences.

My last child birth, 10 months ago, I set my intentions to experience a painless childbirth and I did.

I used these principles to heal and cleanse the blood of all my children. After our 3rd child was born our doctor advised us that shouldn’t have any more children due to the high risk possibility of the sickle cell disease. The statistic risk was 3:1. We did not accept the doctors warning as the final word in our lives and we set our intentions to cleanse the blood of each of our children while they were still in my womb and today all 8 of them are perfectly healthy.

I have 7 girls and 1 boy which I call my miracle son. After having 5 girls, at the time, I was determined to have a son on my 6th pregnancy. My mind and every fibre of me said that I was going to have a son. This is where I developed what I call, the bulldozer mindset, to create the conditions I wanted to have a son.

I used these principles in the past to attract the job I wanted, to attract money, to create the outcomes I want each and every day and a whole lot more that I could go on and on creating miracles in our lives.

The principles work and you can use them too.

If you're looking for someone who could help you create the change in your entire life, I don't show you how to just change one area of your life, I want to show you the principles so you can change any area of your life at any given point you choose to...

to know how to get the answers you need at any given point in your life...
to know how to not take other peoples advice, even those who we're told that we're suppose to listen to, as our final outcome.

You can create YOUR life and get the results YOU want.

That’s what I want to teach you through the Master Key System. Not only do I go through the chapters with you, but I show you how to apply them to your personal situation, working with you to gain the mindset and action steps needed to create the results you want.

You don't have to keep struggling on your own.

During the 24 weeks you’ll have me helping you along the way and showing you strategies to reach your goals - the ones that I personally use and have used to give me the results I want and get the answers I need to make decisions.

Here’s your chance to get on aboard and learn how to wield your power to transform your life and gain the results you want.

I look forward to working with you to help you transform your life and
achieve your goals.

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