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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You – the Gatekeeper of Your Life

You are the gatekeeper of your life. You’ve been empowered by the Great Universal Spirit to make choices, to choose what you desire your life to be. However, you are not alone in this creative process. You have at your disposal all of the universal power and energy working together as agents on your behalf to materialize your desire.

Your role as the gatekeeper is to decide what it is you want to experience. You decide what you allow to come into your life garden. Do you want ‘vegetables’ or ‘fruit’ – the beauty of life or do you want the weeds of negativity to flourish in your garden?

Everything you desire is already in existence in ‘heaven’, in the spirit realm. It is there for you to lay claim to it as yours. It is for you to come into conscious agreement and say yes, this is mine so your experience on earth comes into alignment with your heavenly supply – as it is on earth, so it is in heaven.

Here you are, equipped with the power of the universe and have the universal backing to help you. What will you do? What will you choose and how will you choose? This decision-making power has been entrusted into your care as a son or daughter of the kingdom, would you use it wisely or not at all?

As the prudent gardener of your life you oversee how your ‘life-crop’ is growing. You decide what you will allow to grow in your life-garden and do everything you can to nurture your life-fruit – the results you want to experience.

The problem here is that we often expect God to be the one to do this for us when we have been entrusted with the decision-making process – we’ve been given the responsibility of ‘son ship’, as heirs to the kingdom and yet still many times we act like servants waiting to be told what to do and what decisions to make.

Now, don’t confuse this with doing it all by yourself because you are not alone, you have help to make the right decisions but you are the one that must accept the final decision and act on it.

If this sounds overwhelming for you, let’s again use the garden example; it is you who decide to grow a garden in your backyard. It is you who decides what kind of vegetables or fruits you’d like in your garden. And it is also you who ensures that your garden has all the nutrients and protection it needs for a healthy harvest. Even if you paid someone else to do it for you, it is still you who made the decision to grow the garden and entrusted its care into the hands of someone else. It is all you.

So when it comes to your life, the Father – the Great Universal Spirit has also entrusted you with this process and have given you the power, empowered you to carry out your plan.

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  1. Great post, Alicia. It's wonderful to think we are the gardeners of our own lives. Hope you have a good Thursday. Susan

  2. You too Susan. And yes it's quite liberating and shows us that we can create our lives the way we want it. That's freedom!


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