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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4 Steps to Developing the God-Mind

Developing the God-Mind requires a shift in our thinking, a shift in perspective. Because we’ve been trained in the mindset of separation from God, it will take some practice in reprogramming the mind to accept the truth of our divinity so we can enjoy the benefits of our royal heritage.

We are the princes and princesses of the kingdom but many of us act as outcasts and servants instead because we’re not aware of our true identity. Your earthly form is embodied by great power but you must lay claim to what is rightfully yours.

The following 4 steps will help you to start right away to develop the God-mind to which you are entitled.

1) Conscious Awareness

The God-Mind develops as a result of the conscious awareness that expands into every area of your life. The more you are consciously aware of the presence and power of the Great Universal Spirit within you the more you will attract of this experience, the more your life will be open to the inflowing of spiritual life-energy, the more you become empowered from within.

If you look at a river, the river has an abundant flow of water. That flow is only inhibited by debris. Once that debris is removed the natural flow returns.

Life-energy naturally flows abundantly but is often hindered by the debris of our negative energy and lack of awareness of the eternal supply that belongs to us.

Your conscious connection to the Spirit brings more light into your life which dispels the darkness that hinders you from living a fully enriched life.

2) Bring God home

Often, when we refer to God, we think about God as being some place far away from us. Bring God home in your heart because that’s where the Spirit resides – in you. See yourself as one with the Spirit, walking and breathing Spirit, living in and through Spirit. See that the Spirit is working in and through you in everything you do. See that all God-power is in you and works through you and is expressed through love from within you.

3) Feel the energy of the Spirit

When you set aside time in quietness, feel the Spirit energy. Release all the negative energy from your mind and body and allow yourself to feel the life of the Spirit flowing in and through you. Relax and breathe in life. Remember, God is also in the air we breathe so as you breathe in see yourself breathing in life-energy and being renewed and refreshed.

4) Carrier of the Light

You are the carrier of the light. By consciously connecting with the Great Universal Spirit, being aware of the oneness with the Spirit, you become the avenue through which life-energy emanates from within into the lives of others. You become the light in the darkness as you live your purpose here on planet earth.

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