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Friday, January 13, 2012

Unleashing the Greatness Within You

Greatness resides within you. Of course, this is true because you have been created from the same essence of that which created everything you see around you.

Your breath and life-energy that flows through you is God-breathe. The desire of the Great Universal Spirit has caused you to come into shape and form. And because you are made in the image and likeness of God, you are full of power, wisdom and, yes, greatness. It is time to unleash the greatness within you.

Before everything takes form it has a spirit equivalent. The order - spirit first, then form. You think a thought, which is spirit - intangible. The thought through the imaginative process followed by action steps eventually takes on form into reality.

Let's look at an oak seed; it has within it the potential to become an oak tree. The spirit of the oak tree is within the seed. But only when the seed is put in the right environment, sown into the soil can it realize its full potential. Otherwise it would remain in spirit form with only the potential to become the great oak tree. 

So it is with you. You have greatness potential inside of you waiting for you to unleash it, to provide the right environment of believing in yourself followed by action steps to realize your full potential, your dreams, your goals. 

Remember, we talked about you being the gatekeeper? Well, as the gatekeeper of your life, it is you who decides to unleash your greatness that's in the 'seed' of your inner spirit. 

Spirit is not bound by time or space or external circumstances. Your spirit can go anywhere, anytime. You are only limited by your imagination. We limit what we can do based on what we see in our physical reality. Instead of the other way around, therefore we confine our spirit to this physical realm to what we see that's currently possible for us. 

Here's a mental exercise I want you to do this weekend to help you unleash the greatness within you by changing your perspective of yourself and your current external experience:

1) Get into a quiet place and turn your attention inward to your inner spirit
2) Visualize/see yourself, your inner spirit rising up from the restraints of your body
3) Take a deep breath and stretch as you free your spirit, visualizing that you have nothing to hold you back 
4) Go where ever you choose to go - where would you go, what would you do?

This exercise is so simple yet powerful because it takes you out of the physical limitations you see in yourself and your circumstances and puts you into a place of power where nothing holds you down.

Now, think of what it is you desire to manifest and let your spirit go there. See yourself doing what you want to do. 

When you come out of this, know that the way will be shown to you if you don't know and when it is, act. Bring the spiritual, the intangible, what you see yourself doing into reality by taking action right away. 

What can you do today to make your desire a reality? Do it now or as soon as possible. 

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