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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Energy Vibration - Change your Life

Everything around you is energy. We live in a world where everything appears to be solid and everything appears to be separate from each other. However, scientists have discovered that everything is energy – going from matter to molecules then atoms and even at smaller levels are subatomic particles which consist of Photons, Leptons, Electrons, Neutrons, Quarks, etc. and finally energy. This energy makes up everything you see around you, even you and me.

So when we say that we are one and are all interconnected, it basically means that the same stuff that makes up everything around us makes up you and me as well.

Energy vibrates at different rates and frequencies into physical shapes and forms that you see through the desire of the Great Universal Spirit – Divine Intelligence.

Energy is changeable; it can change shape and form. As you can see nothing around us stays the same. Over time everything changes. Life is on the move and so are your circumstances and conditions.

Everything has a starting point; the process comes from the spiritual into the tangible. First you think a thought and through the workshop of the imagination the thought begins to take form until it fully manifests into your experience.

​Thought is energy and vibrates at different frequencies. Energy can change; one thought stronger than the other takes the place of another thought. Our thoughts are not bound by time or space. Just as you are made in the image and likeness of God, you have the capability as the Great Universal Spirit to create your life, your experiences, your desire. Your thoughts, your beliefs and your perception fuelled by your emotions create your reality. So whatever it is you’re thinking about and feeling about your life – whatever you’re filling your eyes with – creates your outcome.

Each time you change your mind about what it is you want, that energy replaces the energy of your first desire. For example, you decided that you wanted a new car. You’re feeling all excited about it – the energy is high and you really feel that you’re going to get that car.

But then you start looking at your financial situation and begin to think that you can’t afford it. The second thought replaces the first and begins to attract other thoughts that confirm the thought of not being able to afford it which in turn creates the experience of not being able to afford to buy the car.

However, if when you look at your current financial situation and affirm that you will get the money to buy that car and that is your belief and expectation, the energy of that thought, that belief and your expectation attracts other like-minded thoughts which will bring into manifestation your desire.

Take a look at the thoughts you’ve been having about what you desire to manifest in your life; are they in alignment with what you want to accomplish? Are you feeling the feelings of having your desire or are you feeling that it’ll never happen for you? Begin harnessing the feeling and experience of having what you want and practice it every day as you take action towards making it a reality.

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