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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A simple wish of your heart can seem very subtle, but the impact could be quite profound. 

The seemingly subtle desires of your heart could make the biggest impact in your life because they come out of the pureness of your desire and tend to manifest long later you've forgotten about them. 

I recall about 9 years ago when we heard that the Olympics was going to be held in British Columbia we thought it would be quite an experience to be there. At the time we lived in Ontario, 4 provinces away from British Columbia. So when we heard the announcement, for a few minutes we were captivated by the dream of being at the Olympics. 

After that moment we no longer thought about it. We went on with our lives and about 5 years later the opportunity came to move out to British Columbia 2 years before the Olympics began. We did not even remember that we wanted to be there for the Olympics. As a matter of fact, my husband had the opportunity to work on the Olympic ski hills as they were getting things all ready. 

It wasn't until the actual season of the Olympics that we remembered that we had that 5-minute desire to be out here at the time. We didn't go to the actual Olympic grounds but our children had the opportunity to see the Olympic torch run. 

It's amazing how dreams can unfold and manifest long after you've forgotten all about them. 

What's the best way to make your dream come true? Let it be your truest desire, that which comes from your heart. Search your heart - not what other people tell you you should dream about or what you should desire, but what you truly feel inside. 

Once you've uncovered that, then give yourself the freedom to dream, to wish. Let it go and let the creative energy of the universal power unfold the events and circumstances that will make your wish, your dream become a reality. 

Today's tunespiration is A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes from the Disney Stars.

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