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Friday, January 20, 2012

Creating the Blueprint of Heaven on Earth

What you allow in your life, consciously or not will be your experience. As the gatekeeper of your life you’ve been given the free will to decide and create the life you want to live. Your physical experience comes as a direct result of your mental blueprint, that which is intangible. Your imagination is the mental workshop through which you create and design your life exactly as you’d have it. That is your divine birthright.

You see, heaven which is the intangible realm is full of infinite possibilities of energy awaiting your command to take shape and form into your desires.

Before you create a blueprint we need to first define heaven and earth.

What’s heaven? It’s the intangible realm of infinite possibilities governed by the Divine Intelligence of the Great Universal Spirit, the Universal Mind.

What is earth? It is the tangible realm of form and manifestation of the Divine Desire and Will of the Great Universal Spirit.

So when you decide to create a blueprint of heaven on earth you first need to:

- know what it is you want to create

- create with clarity the completed image in your mind, your imagination – that’s the intangible realm.

Thought is energy so when you begin to create in your mind what you want to experience, the energies of that thought begin to take shape and form and attract other thoughts, ideas, events, circumstances and people to help you manifest your desire.

- Then you take action towards your dream. Each day doing what you can to move you closer to fully realizing your mental image.

Let’s use a practical example; a builder decides to build a house. He first must have the blueprint of the design. Without the blueprint he’ll be building haphazardly; his measurements will be off which could cost him a whole lot more in the long run. He follows the blueprint closely and if there’s a flaw in the building he refers to the blueprint and checks for errors. The architect corrects any errors before building continues.
You are the architect and builder of your life. Do you have a blueprint for your life? Do you have a mental blueprint for what you want to achieve?

It first took someone to have a desire for a house, then to decide what type of house they want. Then the architect designs the house and the builder gets the material and begins to put the plan into action. He continues to build until the house is complete.

The powers and resources of heaven are at your disposal to manifest and express your desire on earth, the physical realm.

Take the time this weekend to create your blueprint of heaven on earth.

What do you want to create in your life?
Can you see the image?
Do you even know what you want?
Take the time to do some self-analysis and create your life.


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