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Thursday, January 5, 2012

You have all you need

Have you ever stopped to observe and wonder how all life is sustained? What makes the seasons come in right on schedule, what causes the planets and galaxies to hang in space in their position? Everything governed by the universal laws and divine intelligence – from the tiniest insect to the largest planet and beyond, and everything in between – all existing together in the grand scope of life.

Often times we don’t understand the intricacies of it all but we marvel at the great design. The mind of the Great Universal Spirit has all power, wisdom, knowledge, abundance - the unlimited supply exists here and is not bound by conditions and events and is everywhere.

The Spirit provides for us all. There’s no room here for feeling insignificant. Feeling insignificant is only a matter of wrong thinking and distorted perspective. If the Master Designer saw it fit to use this Divine Wisdom to create you and me then it becomes an insult to reduce ourselves to thinking that we are nothing, to thinking that we are less than others when we’ve been handcrafted by the Creator of all that exists. It is in our ignorance that we diminish in value what we don’t understand.

And even more so, we determine our worth based on our personal experiences and circumstances which have nothing to do with the truth of who we are.

Everything we need for our sustenance here on planet earth has already been provided for us. Don’t you think that the Master Designer with all this Divine Intelligence would not have equipped you with all that you need to live life to the fullest here on planet earth especially after taking the time to specifically design this planet to sustain life?

If the earth was created to sustain such life, I dare to say then that you have all you need inside of you to sustain and satisfy your life for the duration of your time here on earth.

When you decide to take a trip don’t you make sure that you take all the necessary supplies you need to make this trip as enjoyable as possible? And even if you didn’t take all of the supplies with you, you’d most likely know a way to get it.

So it is that you’ve been equipped with all you need to sustain you. It’s all waiting for you to take hold of it each and every day.

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