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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are You Walking with Spirit Power?

Walking with Spirit power enables you to change and transform your life. The Great Universal Spirit is Omniscient – all knowing – has all knowledge, Omnipresent – is everywhere and is in everything and is Omnipotent – all power resides in the presence of the Great Eternal Spirit.

So when you become consciously aware of your oneness with the Spirit and begin to walk with the Spirit, you are living with and walking with power and knowledge. The Spirit is in everything and is everything and works in harmony with the all to manifest whatever it is you desire.

We are co-creators with the Great Universal Spirit. And because we are part of the whole as well, each individual part is adequately provided for.

Let’s use a practical example to explain this; the nutrients for a fruit tree are not provided for just some parts of the tree because they’re more special than the others. No. Each part of the tree is special and has a specific function and therefore each part is nurtured according to its own individual needs so it can effectively carry out its purpose. All the nutrients that belong to all, the entire tree, also belong to the one, the individual part, ensuring that the whole master plan of fruit bearing is fulfilled.

All that God is – the nutrients of the Spirit – belongs to the whole as well as the individual, each person. None is better than the other. And all that you need to fully enrich your life is provided for you and is available for your complete nourishment – your joy, your peace, love, abundance/prosperity, health, physical needs - being adequately supplied to fulfill your specific function, your purpose as part of the whole master plan of divine destiny.

That conscious awareness opens up the flow of supply to you. It opens the door for the power of the Spirit to manifest in and through you. So whatever needs you have, whatever it is you desire to manifest in your life is already yours through the divine flow of universal energy moving in and through you and into your experience.

Here’s an affirmation to use to get your mind into that conscious awareness and connection:

Affirmation: I allow the power of the Spirit to flow in and through my life. I invite the light and presence of the Great Universal Spirit to occupy my heart space, enrich my life and transform my personal experiences for the greater good of, not only my well-being, but also for the good of others.

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