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Monday, January 9, 2012

Awakening the God-mind

In order to awaken the God-mind within you, you must first understand and become conscious of your connection to the Great Universal Spirit.

You are all God and all God is expressed as you – the God-man or God-woman. Read it again and think about this for a minute. Allow this statement to be absorbed into your subconscious mind. “I am all God and all God is expressed as me.”

You are made in the image and likeness of God. You are spirit just as God is Spirit and you have taken on physical form and are able to create just as God. You have the God-ability and the God-power.

Now, let’s go further. God is Spirit and the Great Universal Spirit takes on different physical forms or expressions. All that you see is all God and all God is expressed in different physical forms, all being governed by the Divine Intelligence of the Great Universal Spirit.

Let’s use a practical example to explain this; an apple tree is made up of all the leaves, branches, trunk, roots, fruit etc., all different physical parts but all considered parts that make up the whole – the apple tree. You don’t refer to the leaves as the apple tree. No. It’s part of the whole and has its specific function. You don’t look at the bark and call it the apple tree. No. It’s all part of the whole and also has its specific function. But we do refer to all the leaves and bark etc. as the apple tree.

Here’s another example – your body is not just your arm or your leg or your face – all parts are different and have different functions but each part make up the whole body which is You.

The same thing is true with the Spirit; you are God expressed in physical form. Each part needs the other to fully carry out the whole purpose, the whole divine plan.

So becoming conscious of who you are as part of the whole and yet still is the whole - your divinity - begins the God-mind awakening. And yet still, as with our apple tree example, the apple tree does not live to itself alone. 

Its existence works in harmony with everything else around it, drawing life-energy from the sun, the rain, the soil, the wind, sustaining and providing food, shelter and nutrients for others – people, animals, insects and even giving back to the soil.

What does this knowledge mean to you?

How can it change the way you see yourself?

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