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Friday, January 6, 2012

Everything Has a Purpose

Everything has a purpose – a place in the grand design of life. You are here in this human form in this era of the earth because of the Universal Desire. Your talents and personality are yours to carry out your mission and your purpose here on planet earth.

You are not an accident, no matter how unfortunate your circumstances may have been and the channel through which you came. Even the family you were born into plays a vital part of your purpose here. No matter how dark your experiences may have been when the light is turned on it can be used for a force of good.

Your talents were given to you to not only sustain your life but to also enrich the lives of others around you.

I believe that each talent and ability you have has a purpose – some for your enjoyment and others to provide for your daily sustenance – what you can use to provide food, shelter and clothing not only for yourself but also for the others that have been entrusted in your care as well as provide for anything else you need.

You were chosen to live in the time period that you’re living in now and your gifts are to be used in this time period.

So when we say that you have all you need inside of you, it is a true statement. Let’s use a practical example – a seed contains in it all the parts that are essential to produce after its kind – a cucumber seed for cucumbers, pumpkin seed for pumpkins etc.

The seed is fully equipped with all it needs to express the life it was created to be. But until the seed is put into the right environment, it will only have the potential of being what it could mature to be, if given the chance.

Everything works in harmony with the One Universal Spirit – the soil, the rain, the sun, the wind all work in harmony to give the seed the nutrients it needs for its survival onto fully living to maturity.

The Master Designer has equipped each and every one of us with all we need to physically express our divinity. But the problem is if we don’t give ourselves the chance to grow, if we don’t explore and develop our gifts, then we leave untapped potential/resources within us.

What makes you unique? Explore your specialness. Don’t take your life for granted. There are undiscovered treasures placed inside of you but you must take the time to search for them. You have something in you that no one else has quite like that.

You are the carrier of the light of the Great Universal Spirit. You are a co-creator. You’ve been given the gift to design and create your life in the way you choose and as you work in harmony with the Spirit all that you desire to create will manifest in your life.

**Watch out for Monday's post as we discuss Awakening the God-mind.


  1. I have bestowed a Kreativ Blogger Award upon you! Congratulations...

  2. That was a very encouraging and inspirational message, Alicia. It is so comforting to know that everything we need is inside of us.

    Take care and have a super weekend with your sweet family. Susan

  3. Ahh, that's awesome Patty. Thank you. Have a great weekend.


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