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Friday, January 27, 2012

Are You Breaking The Mental And Spiritual Laws?

Breaking the mental and spiritual laws carry with them serious consequences which manifest themselves as lack, limitations and illnesses in our lives. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and that is evidence when we look at the results we are getting.

Just as the physical world is governed by physical laws so too the mental and spiritual world is also governed by spiritual laws. When we know the law, understand it and comply with them we attract to ourselves favourable conditions. 

Mind creates consciously or unconsciously

Every moment of the day you are creating your life. Your mind is your powerful workshop of creativity and whether it is you want to lose weight, enhance your relationship or attract the relationship you want, improve your health, increase your wealth or deepen your spirituality, you are constantly creating your experience by the thoughts you choose and the way you look on your current situation.

Sow in thought, reap in experience

It is a natural law that what you sow that you will also reap. You could never ever sow pumpkin seeds and harvest apple. The seed you sow must match the fruit you desire. Similar, the thoughts you choose to ponder on and fuel with your emotions will eventually mature and bear fruit in your life. If you sow thought seeds of lack, illness, fear, self-doubt, you will also reap the harvest that these seeds produce. 

Visualization - negative or positive becomes reality

Your thoughts create mental images which also have frequencies that attract to them similar thoughts and mental images. So when you're occupied with a thought which triggers these mental images and arouse emotions in you, you are saying to the universe that this is what you want to experience. Therefore, your experiences begin to mirror the seed thoughts you've sown and continue to nurture. 

Here's a fun exercise I want you to practice over the weekend to help you keep your thoughts focused on the positive results you want. 

Visualize this - I'm giving you a gift. Open your hands to receive it. In them I place a very delicate ball. If you  drop this ball, it will break. 

What is this ball? This ball represents what you want to experience and you are to think of your positive results only. If you are ill and want to recover, see this as your ball of perfect health. If you want financial abundance, see this as your ball of abundance. If you want to experience a happy relationship or you want self-confidence, see this ball as your happy relationship ball or your self-confidence ball.

Thinking of a negative thought where your desire is concerned would mean that you have dropped the ball and it is now shattered. 

Now, take the imaginary ball and press your hands into your chest. You own this ball, you own your desire, you are one with it. 

Okay. Let me know how it turns out. 

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