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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Tunespiration Week - My Grown Up Christmas List

Amidst all the Christmas shopping and partying, we all share one thing in common and that`s the need for love - love that`s unwavering. And as we give our gifts, meet with family and friends, let`s not forget to give the gift that will never end up in the trash or in a box somewhere collecting dust and long forgotten. Let`s give the gift of Unconditional Love. 

When we come from a place of love and see beyond the flaws of our loved ones then we will begin to create the change we desire in the world. Children need to be shown and taught love, not just in the physical expression of gift-giving but through the warm and tender embrace. Not just on Christmas day, but all year round. Then as they grow they will appreciate the gift of love, the energy that penetrates and warms their heart, the energy that`s felt on a subconscious level and influences our lives in so many ways. 

As grownups, we need to reconnect to the love within, that`s pure, so we too can love again, trust again, hope again. 

What`s on your grown up Christmas list this Christmas?


  1. Hi Alicia...I think working hard to love everyone unconditionally is a great grownup Christmas wish and that includes self-love!

    I hope you and all your beautiful children will have a splendid Christmas. Susan

  2. Hey Alicia, As always your thoughtfulness and kindness has touched my heart again. My wish is that everyone should have a friend like you. Much love to you and your family and special new little one.

  3. Thank you Susan and same to you too. I totally agree. Unconditional Love for all is our true nature and that's something we all could set our intention to do, to not only change our own lives but the lives of others as well.

  4. Thank you Tracey and to you and your family as well.


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