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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gratitude - Appreciate the Good You Already Have to Attract More Good

Many of us tend to look at the things we don’t have in our lives and become entangled in frustration followed by depression. These negative emotions cloud our perception from seeing the abundance we already have and the blessings that already surround us. Even in its tiniest seed form, if we looked closely, we can see the potential abundance waiting to expand and grow in our lives.

How to appreciate the good

Have an attitude of gratitude

When your mind is set in gratitude mode, you begin to see all the good that’s around you and the more good you see you activate the attractor factor to bring more good for you to appreciate. You’d have started the gratitude snowball effect. When unfavourable circumstances present themselves, shift your mind to look for the good in them. Remember, every seed adversity has the life of good hidden within its hard shell. Take the seed and sink it in the soil of gratitude. The hard outer shell of adversity will begin to loosen its grip giving way to the life of good to manifest growth within you.

Practice the Habit of Gratitude

For a plant to grow it must continue to be nourished daily. A one-time attitude of gratitude is not enough to see a life overflowing with good. Practicing the habit of gratitude will create the snowball effect of good around until it begins to overflow into all areas of your life. Become saturated in gratitude and you’ll begin to find that adverse conditions cannot keep their grip on you. Every time something raises its head, your habit of gratitude will cause it to lose its power over you as you shift into gratitude mode.

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