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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Action Thursday - Identifying and Releasing Past Hurts and Disappointments

You may not be aware of the hurts and disappointments that are keeping you back from making the progress you'd like to experience. Some of the hurts and disappointments manifest in the form of fear, anger, resentment. But now is the time for you to free your mind, free your life so you can move forward and experience more of the good life has to offer. 

Let's look at a few steps to help you along.

Identify your hurt and/or disappointments

Whether these occur in 2010 or prior to that time, get a pen and paper, find a quiet place and really look within yourself. 

Ask - What's my hurt? What am I disappointed about? Now write these down on paper. You are getting to the root of the problem.

Release your hurt and/or disappointments

Now that you've written these down, it's time to consciously release them from your life. 

Here's an exercise - consciously forgive the person or situation that caused the hurt and disappointment. Don't forget yourself. Many times we think it's the other person that we need to forgive and that may be true but often times we have a more difficult time releasing ourselves, forgiving ourselves for making mistakes. You need to look at yourself in the mirror as if it's the other person and say, "I forgive you." Come on now. Liberate yourself. 

Using your imagination, visualize the hurt and disappointment leaving your heart and body. "My body?" you ask. Yes, your body. Stop for a minute and feel the hurt, where do you feel it? Where do you feel the fear of failure or disappointment? Yes, your body feels it and these emotions hide away in your cells affecting them in a negative way, robbing them of their vitality. 

Feel the Healing Energy

One more step to go. Feel the healing energy of love flowing into the empty spaces now. Visualize yourself being healed. 

You can do this. Give yourself the gift of emancipation before 2011 rolls in. Now you have a reason to celebrate and really ring in the New Year!


  1. Love it, Alicia. Also love your spirit of optimism, perseverance, and never ending hope. Susan

  2. Thank you Susan. Have a blessed evening.


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