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Monday, December 6, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex – Breaking Circumstantial Enchantment to Overcome Inferiority Complex

Recently our family gathered to watch the movie Ella Enchanted. On the day of Ella’s birth, Ella’s Fairy Godmother gave her a gift – the gift of obedience. With this gift Ella had no choice but to do what she was asked to do, whether or not she wanted to and no matter how bad the deed was. Ella was still very young when her mother died. But her mother said something very profound to her before she passed on, “No matter what anyone says or tells you to do look to yourself Ella. What’s inside you is stronger than any spell.”

When Ella grew older her father remarried and Ella inherited two step sisters. One of the step sisters found out Ella’s secret and shared her discovery with the other sister. They both took advantage of Ella and made her do the worst things ever. Ella knew she had to find a way to break the spell and sets out on a journey to find her Fairy Godmother to return the gift to her.

On this journey, she met the handsome Prince Charmont. Ella was on her way to the land of the giants to find her Fairy Godmother and invited the Prince along to speak with the giants. They both fell in love with each other. Prince Charmont’s uncle wanted to become king in place of his nephew and through Ella’s wicked step sisters he discovered her secret which he used to devise a plot against Prince Charmont. The uncle demanded that Ella killed the Prince at midnight, the night of the Prince’s marriage proposal to Ella.

As Ella talked with the Prince, the clock struck midnight and Ella’s arm reached for the dagger hidden in her clothes. As the Prince embraced her, she lifted her hand to strike the dagger in the Prince’s back. Ella struggled with the command given her by the evil uncle and her own will to defy the order to kill her true love.

Ella took control of her mind, defied the false voices in her head, remembered the truth her mother told her, took control of her thoughts and demanded of herself, “You will no longer be obedient. You will no longer be obedient.” She forced on her will to break her Fairy Godmother’s spell. Ella dropped the dagger and fell to her knees realizing she had been freed.

Many of us accept situations in our lives because we think that we’re unable to break free of them or others told us that’s the way things are and they can’t be changed and we believed them. Our belief of being inferior to others, low self worth, poverty and inadequacy inhibit us from breaking free to live the life we were meant to and deserve to live. But when we make a focused determined decision, like Ella, to break out of our enchantment of inferiority complex, we can truly enjoy living in the ‘palace’ of our dreams.

You don’t have to stay where you are living in the illusion of ‘not being good enough’ because of your status, lack of education or any perceived shortcomings. You can break free in your mind. You can rise up and speak to your situation, speak to your mind, empower yourself from within, overcome inferiority complex and build self confidence.

As Ella’s mother said to her, “What’s inside of you is stronger than any spell.” You have a great heritage of power within you and as you embrace that connection to your power Source, become one with it and see it as your own you can live in the freedom that belongs to you. It’s time to defy the false voices of the past and willingly listen to the voice of truth.

Ella declared her affirmation for freedom with deep conviction. How about you? Here are a few you can start with, “I am free. I live a life of abundance. I am a treasure to the earth. I deserve to be here and I deserve to be happy. It is my birthright to live the life I choose to live.”

You don’t have to stay a victim of your circumstantial enchantment. Break free today.

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