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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Tunespiration Week - Give Love on Christmas Day

A childhood favourite - Give Love on Christmas Day - still rings true today. We set this day aside and this time of the season to refocus on the meaning of love and express this love to those around. 

No matter what you`ve acquired in physical accumulation, could never take the place of love. Love must be shared. Love must be given away in order for it to multiply in us. Having love and keeping it to ourselves will cease to expand. 

The law of giving and receiving becomes activated when we give love and when we are also open to receive it from others. It`s a two-way street. The cycle must keep flowing. 

What way can you give love this Christmas?


  1. One way to give love this Christimas is by remembering those less fortunate than ourselves. Susan

  2. So true Susan. And help out in anyway we can, even if it's to give a word of encouragement.


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