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Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday – Take Control of your Mind to Achieve Your Weight and Health Goals

When you set out to get your body back to your ideal weight or achieve certain health goals, you’ve got to put your mind into it as well. Your body and mind must be in sync. If your body is doing one thing – engaged in a routine exercise program, and your mind is off thinking – I could never achieve my goal or this is so hard, you’re creating resistance within your body. You’ve got to allow body and mind to be on the same track in order to gain the results you desire to achieve.

You must first create in your mind the results you desire and believe that you can and will arrive at your goal. Then do what you can along with the inspired ideas that come to aid you to achieve your goal. You see, because your thoughts attract like thoughts to them to manifest your predominant thoughts and emotions, when you begin to think that it’s too difficult to reach your goal, you’ll start attracting thoughts which create conditions and circumstances that will help you affirm your belief that it’s too difficult for you to gain the end result you desire.

Take control of your mind and shift your thoughts to it being easy to reach your ideal weight and health goals. Shift your thoughts to receiving inspired ideas effortlessly to help you get to your goal. You’ve got to see what you’re constantly thinking, feeling and saying to yourself that’s sabotaging your progress and change the inner dialogue to change the outer results.

Here’s an action step to take this weekend. Find a quiet place to really sit down and think and feel your emotions about your weight and health progress. What is your consistent self-talk? Listen to your body as well as you’re asking yourself these questions and feel the energy your body is giving off. Now look for ways to change that energy and begin to allow your body to feel the progress you’re making towards your goal.

Remember the movie Ella Enchanted on Monday’s post? She willed herself out of her mental enchantment. You could do the same to break free from what’s hindering the release of your progress.

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  1. Great post, Alicia, and another great reminder of the power of the mind! Susan


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