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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve - Releasing the Old and Ringing in the New

We come to the end of 2010. And as I reflect over the past year, I want to thank you my readers for your support and encouragement on this year's journey. It's been quite an enlightening year for my family and I. A year filled with many of the gems of the Spirit that deepened our spiritual walk and drew us closer and deeper to the Source of our power. 

As good as our experiences were in 2010, being thankful and humbled that your lives were touched in many ways, we cherish these experiences and now release them that we may embrace what the Spirit has to offer in the new year. 

With our new addition on the way, making it 8 children, we look forward in anticipation and excitement to the unfolding of yet a new precious life entrusted to us by the Great Universal Spirit. 

From my family to yours. I thank you and wish you success, love, joy, peace and health in abundance this new year. 

Happy 2011!


  1. Thank you for all your wishes for the new year, Alicia. Of course, I wish all of the same for you and your sweet family, especially the new treasured little life coming soon! The very best to you. I have loved all your posts this year and thank you for taking the time and effort to write and then post them! Susan

  2. You are very welcome Susan. Wish you success and many blessings for the New Year, starting today!


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