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Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Expressing Gratitude to Enhance Weight Loss and Improve Health

Being grateful and expressing that gratitude can add tremendous value to one's health and well-being putting you in a positive vibration to attract more healing energy into your life. Stress and frustration deteriorates the body. So when you're in the positive vibration of gratitude you're able to draw in the flow of life energy into your body. 

We all know how awful it feels when you're not feeling well, when you're not at your peak and more so a prolonged illness can strengthen that feeling. But as you begin to shift your mindset into an attitude of gratitude, you immediately open the flow for life-giving healing energy to begin to regenerate the cells within your body. 

What about weight issues? 

When you look for the good things about your body and your life and start expressing gratitude for those things you already have, that feeling of feeling bad about your weight starts to loosen its grip on you. It's like turning on the light in a dark room. That negativity has to fall off.

What happens in that state of gratitude?

You become energized to continue on with your workout routine. You look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I may not be at my ideal weight yet but I feel good about me. I'm alive and well." What you're doing is reducing the resistance inside of you so your body receives the message of feeling good from you. 

Many of the commercials send the message that something is wrong with us when we're not at a particular weight and as we accept this into our internal programming we begin to feel that way. And so begins the struggle of wanting to lose weight now and a long journey of frustration. The sad part about that is that we find it difficult to accept ourselves and even love ourselves because we don't measure up to the 'status quo'. 

Feel good about where you are now. It does you no good to be caught up in a vortex of inferior feelings because you are not at the ideal weight. I know what this feels like. But until I came to the point to looking at myself in the mirror and appreciating my body and being thankful for my health and being a fertile woman, I could not appreciate what I already have. 

What can you start to feel thankful about today? 


  1. Hi Alicia...Today, I am thankful for so many things...for being able to wake up, walk around without crutches or a wheelchair; enjoy morning coffee; feel the sun on my face coming through the kitchen window as I type into the computer; plan a little holiday spontaneous gathering tonight; and on and on. Sooooo many things to be filled with gratitude for.

    You are right about loving ourselves NOW, just as we are. Thank you for your wonderful posts and for reminding us of the importance of self-love. Susan

  2. That's awesome Susan. Hope you have tons of fun at your gathering.

    I'm thankful that you've been blessed and inspired by my posts and that they continue to help you press forward toward your goal.


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