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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Action Thursday – How to Release Blockages to Experience Unconditional Love

Like a river that’s blocked by debris is unable to flow freely and becomes polluted by garbage, so too, negativity blocks the free flow of Unconditional Love from moving through your inner being. In order for you to experience Unconditional Love in its fullness you must remove these internal inhibitors of anger, resentment, hatred, grief, hurt, shame and all other negativity.

How to release the internal blockages

Become consciously aware

Your awareness to what’s going on inside of you allows you to consciously release the negativity and allow new thought seeds to be planted within your mind. Taking the time to look within to what your body is feeling will give you a good indicator of what negative energy resides within you.

Listen closely within

If you’re having difficulty identifying your internal blockages, ask the Spirit for guidance and listen closely for the answer. As you fine tune your listening skills you’ll find that the answers come clearer to you and you’ll develop your own way of receiving instructions and directions.

Consciously release your inhibitors

Now that you know what’s causing your blockages from you connecting to and experiencing Unconditional Love, begin the release process. Consciously release the inhibitors and visualize them leaving your body and flowing downstream. Visualize and feel this space, where negativity once resides, being filled with the Presence of Unconditional Love. Feel the freedom and enjoy love’s warm embrace.


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