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Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday – Experience the Presence of Unconditional Love to Improve your Health and Weight Loss

Where no love exists only leaves a place dry and lifeless. Unconditional Love empowers us from within and lights our way. But in its absence, we lose the vitality of life and darkness creeps in and occupies a once well lit area of our lives.

How does lack of love affect our health and our weight?

Unconditional Love is the life force within us and where ever this life becomes blocked by the darkness of negativity we experience poor health and weight issues. Lack of love may not necessarily come from other people but may be experienced by our own personal dislike for ourselves.

Experiencing Unconditional Love

When we allow the power of Unconditional Love to flow through us, we are allowing the freshness of life to revitalize our inner being which in turn affects the cells in our bodies to operate at a level of wholeness. As we draw life from the Presence of Unconditional Love, it makes it easier to love ourselves; we become changed in the presence of love’s embrace. We begin to value who we are and this starts the renewal and healing process within.

Take the time today and let your inner being become drenched in the power of Unconditional Love so you can experience all of what love has to offer and be completely whole in spirit, mind and body.


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