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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex - Understand the Power of your Thoughts to Overcome Inferiority Complex and Increase Self-Confidence

Your thoughts influence your actions which in turn creates your reality. Everything flows from within outward. Therefore in order to change the effects of inferiority complex and increase self confidence in whatever area of your life that’s being affected the place to start is from within.

Every thought has a vibration and each of these vibrations connect with other vibrations putting the creative process into active mode. Through the law of growth, the thought which started out as a small seed begins to grow and over time, as you feed these thoughts, they mature and produce fruit in your life – this fruit becomes your life experiences.

Every time you allow your mind to focus on thoughts of feeling inferior to others whether it’s because of your physical appearance, your status in life, your education, your bank account balance or whatever else may affect you, stop your thoughts and emotions right in their tracks. You’re engaging in the continued creative process and you’ll continue to get the same results all the time. A vicious cycle is being recreated each time you go down this path.

As you understand how powerful your thoughts are you can decide then what you choose to accept as part of your internal programming and what you choose to discard. Those thoughts that you’ve agreed with and accepted as part of your truth continue on to blossom in your life.

The question that you have to answer is, “Do you like the fruit that your life is producing?” If you don’t like the fruit, then you need to go to the root and change your thought seeds. Like any garden, you need to nurture your thought seeds each day with your positive emotions and self talk and keep the weeds of negativity out.

Shift your mind from the weeds of shyness, inferiority and fear to thought seeds of boldness, being as good as anybody else and courage and over time you will increase into your self-confident lifestyle.


  1. Honestly, Alicia, I just love your posts! Such wonderful material. You are such an inspiration. It's so true, too. Our THOUGHTS influence everything in our lives. Thanks. Hope you are having a great day. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan and you're welcome. Yes, I'm having a great day. Same to you.


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