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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex – How to Take Control of your Mind to Overcome Inferiority Complex and Build Self-Confidence

Change takes place in your mind and as you learn to take control of your mind will you be able to overcome inferiority complex and begin on the path to build self-confidence. You may have heard it said that your mind is a battle field. But the victory of this battle is also in your mind as well. And once you know how to master your mind, you’ll begin to master your life and your experiences.

Steps to take control of your mind

1) Understand the power of your thoughts

When you understand that your thoughts create your reality, you’ll find that you have a place to begin to take control of your mind by taking responsibility for your thoughts and be able to control them. Your thoughts lead to actions and actions lead to materializing your desire in your outward reality.

2) Change your predominant thoughts

Your predominant thought habits of low self worth, feelings of not good enough and fear can be replaced with thoughts of deserving, being good enough, courage and self-confidence. Defy the false voices in your head by shifting your mind onto the positive you desire to experience. Instead of listening to thoughts and ideas of feeling worthless, good-for-nothing and fear, shift your thoughts onto those of you being courageous in the face of fearful situations and on to thoughts of you being confident when you would normally feel intimidated.

3) Remember your truth

What is the truth about you? Not what others have put on you as their truth for you but your truth, the truth of who you are and life you desire to express? Believe your truth of freedom, of abundance, of worthiness, and of being able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Fill your mind with your truth and the light of truth will dispel the darkness of falsehood bringing you to a brighter place in your life.

4) Use visualization

Our brain communicates in pictures. So the more you use your imagination to visualize yourself being bold and confident, the more you’ll develop confidence as a habit and lifestyle. Take control of your thoughts by visualizing yourself in the place you desire to be – seeing the good that you desire happening to you, beginning to approve of yourself and not waiting for or craving after the approval of others.

5) Use affirmations

Affirmations are very powerful tools to reprogram the mind when used correctly. Repetition of your affirmations of self-confidence begins the mindset reprogramming process and activates the law of growth to take place to produce the fruit of self-confidence.


  1. Great suggestions, Alicia. Will put these into A CTION and PRACTICE today! Thanks. Susan

  2. That's awesome Susan. Application and repetition is the key to success.


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