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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Change your Life - The Past Becomes the Fabric of Tomorrow's Lifestyle - Part 1

Q & A to Change your Life 

Q. How does the past become the fabric of tomorrow's lifestyle?

A. By holding on to your past hurts and disappointments, you are allowing the thoughts of the past experiences to create your future lifestyle. 

In order to create a garment, the designer uses fabric as the material to create the design he/she desires. Once that garment is complete the designer may or may not like the final outcome. He or she can decide to wear the garment, feeling quite unhappy with what he is wearing or she can decide to get rid of the garment, choose a different type of fabric and recreate a different design- one that is more suited to her liking. 

Your thoughts are the materials you use to create the design of your life, your lifestyle. You can change your current situation by choosing to change the thoughts of the past for thoughts of those that will bring you a more favourable future outcome or at least change the way you look at your current situation.  

Q. How does holding on to my past hurts and disappointments create my future lifestyle?

A. As you are focused on these hurts and disappointments, as you are thinking about them and talking about them, you are engaging in the creative process. You have activated the laws of the universe - the Law of Attraction. 

Like thoughts attract like thoughts and as a result as you are constantly thinking about the past, and as you are allowing your emotions to relive the experiences, and as you are replaying the events of the past, you are in fact saying to the universe that you'd like to experience this situation all over again. 

It is not in saying that you don't want an experience that you get what you don't want. As a matter of fact by saying you don't want an experience, as you're focusing on the experience that you don't want, you are actually drawing that experience to you. 

Remember, the brain sees in pictures and when you are visualization what you don't want the universe picks up this vibration that you are giving off and brings to you want you say you don't want. 

Key: Change the "I don't want" to "I do want" and focus on what it is you DO want. Live the experience in your mind what you do want - visualize it, and then talk about it and act on it. You'll soon begin to attract more circumstances that come in harmony with what you desire to experience. 

Look out tomorrow as we look at how the past affects your emotional well-being and becomes the fabric of tomorrow's lifestyle. 


  1. this has so much meaning to attract like and thats the way it should and must always be...........

  2. I'm happy that this has impact your life. Thanks for sharing.


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