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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Change your Life - The Past Becomes the Fabric of Tomorrow's Lifestyle - Part 2

Q & A to Change your Life 

Q. How do past hurts and disappointments influence your emotional well-being?

When you've been hurt and you've suffered disappointments it can leave a negative impact on your emotions, depending on how you process the information from your experience. You either respond to your situation from a positive standpoint - looking solely for the good that's going to come from it and gleaning the lessons you can or you can view your experience as being an awful negative experience in your life. 

The latter is how most of us see our past experiences. The problem with that is when we hold on to the negative emotion of anger, resentment, revenge, fear etc., we allow the negatives to eat away at us from the inside. These later affect us in many ways, mostly unconscious to us. Some evidence are expressed in the fear of being open to love again, fear of disappointments, fear of taking a risk or letting anybody in, hatred toward men or women, resentment toward certain situations or people etc. 

These feelings left untapped form like a cancer within us, slowly destroying the beauty that we have inside. 

Key: Release the negative emotions formed as a result of your past hurts and disappointments. Choose to love. Choose life. Choose freedom. It is a conscious decision that you have to make in order to be emotionally free and allow the healing process to take place. 

Q. How do past hurts and disappointments manifest in your reality as recreated events?

Whatever you are feeling inside of you - hatred, resentment, anger, fear etc. - all have an energy frequency which attract events to them that cause them to manifest in your reality. So the more you feed these hurts with your thoughts and your emotions, the more you're empowering them into your reality. 

You may have wondered how is it that you keep attracting the same circumstances, people and events in your life. Check with what you're feeling, thinking about and feeding over and over. 

It's time to change your life from the inside. Change the way you think. Release the past emotions, forgive and allow yourself the right of freedom. 

For tomorrow's Action Thursday, we'll look at some steps you can take to release these past hurts and let go of your disappointments of 2010 so you can start on a fresh slate for 2011. 


  1. I definitely choose love, life, and freedom, Alicia. Take care and have a wonderful day. Susan

  2. That's awesome Susan. Enjoy your day.


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