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Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Think and Get Slim by Esther and Jerry Hicks

I could truly identify with this. When I started enjoying my workout and focused on having fun and being strong instead of weight loss, that's when things began to happen. The resistance was removed.


  1. I watched the video, Alicia. I still do not fully comprehend what the speaker is talking about. Making peace with the body? What exactly does that MEAN? She talks in circles but doesn't give SPECIFICS. I've battled to lose weight for years and years. Did all the things the blonde lady did. But Abraham didn't tell HOW to do what she was talking about. I wish she had given specific steps. Thanks for the post though. Susan

  2. You're welcome Susan. Abraham was speaking about the resistance. When you're wanting something so badly and you're struggling to get there, you're battling inside of you, you've got to end that struggle. The struggle of wanting to lose weight and you're trying everything possible to lose this weight creates this resistance inside of you - being so focused on losing the weight you can't stand how you look.

    You've got to make peace with your body in accepting yourself. And work with your body to do the things that your body enjoys doing. For e.g. when I stopped resenting the way I looked and accepted my body as it is right now and decided to love my body as it is right now. I ended the resistance.

    I began to do workout I enjoyed and I did it the way I wanted to and the amount of reps I wanted to. And if I felt like doing something different that day, that's what I did. As a result, I ended the resistance inside of me and I focused on being healthy, energized, strong and having fun. Then the magic began to happen. The weight began to dropped off.

    When you're flowing with your body and listening to your body and not resisting it or fighting with it to lose weight, then you're not going upstream but you're attracting the results that you want because you've shifted your inner vibration - the inner struggling - from resistance to joy and harmony.

    Do what your body enjoys doing. Do all you can do and enjoy the journey.

    Hope this simplified things a bit.


  3. Most atimes we become obsessed with the result (set goal) instead of enjoying the 'process' of attaining those set goals. Focusing on the'set goal' makes one get exhausted along the way. Enjoying the 'process' fuels ones resolve with love and makes the process alot more easier.
    That was a great post, Alicia. Vic

  4. Thanks Vic. I totally agree. We so want to get to the finish line that we don't focus on where we are on the track. We become frustrated and trip up and that's where giving up sets in because of exhaustion.


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