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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spirituality - 7 Ways to Wisdom to Unlock Doors in your Life - Part 2

Here are the other 4 ways to wisdom to unlock doors in your life

#4 – Spend more time in the silence

Power resides in the silent place. Have your own personal retreat to turn within to the Spirit and develop that relationship with the Universal Spirit. It is in the silence that your inner channels become clear, that you gain wisdom, that you find your true self - where you find home. Your quiet time should be your most important time in your life. For it is here great ideas find their way to you, it is here where you are empowered from within and it is here where your unity with God is consciously realized and strengthened.

#5 – Listen often to the Spirit

Develop the habit of paying attention to the voice within. As you do this, the voice within becomes stronger than all others. You become confident in decision-making because you are guided by the wisdom of the Spirit. You’ll gain insight as you go about your daily affairs. You’ll keep away from certain places because you’ll know that that is not the direction you should take. You’ll know that when you are engaged in conversation that even though someone may say one thing to you that in their hearts they’re not being truthful. These are some of the benefits from listening and staying close to the Spirit.

#6 – Make the Spirit connection priority

Many times we allow our busy schedules to take priority over our Spirit connection. And while we are busy we’re losing precious energy trying to keep up with the demands of life. Some of these things that we label as important, in the scope of life and when we get our priorities straight, take a back seat to what’s more important. Each day we miss our ‘power up’ time with the Spirit is a day where we expel unnecessary energy and have not restored our energy supply from our Power Source. Is it any wonder why we experience fatigue so often?

#7 – Find and develop your unique interaction

We do not all think the same. Our personalities and experiences vary. Therefore our relationship with the Spirit is very different. But it is our responsibility to find and develop our unique interaction with the Spirit. Don’t be concerned with how someone else communicates with the Spirit. Find your own. Their way may work for them very well, if it works for you, great. If not, it’s time for you to develop and nurture that inner interaction with the Eternal Spirit. This is important and priority in your life. And when you have developed a solid foundation, no matter what comes your way, you’ll know where to get your answers.

Stop spinning your wheels and go directly to the Source and find all the answers you need to turn your life, your situation, around.


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