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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On Becoming Your Own Life Master with Spirit Guidance - Part 3

Regular continual observances of your actions by your child and by you makes the image permanent in the brain, absorbed and stored by the subconscious and sent to the body cells by the brain which is turn causes the body parts to, i.e. the muscles, to act in accordance with the printed image.

Let’s look at how a child observes her mother. She observes everything I do. She first begins with observing my face, my eyes, my nose, my mouth, my smile and she listens to the sounds I’m making and observes the movement of my mouth in correlation to the sound. She’s fascinated. Regular continual observances are imprinted on her brain.

She decides to attempt the movement, you see small movements of the muscles as it is externally recognized as her attempt (her brain sending the message to her mouth) to formulate the smile. She gets better and better at it, by observing, until she actually forms a smile. She even learns to correlate the sound of laughter with the movement of her mouth. At first she is mimicking but soon she learns to smile on will when she finds something to be funny. She has now completed one level of mastery.

The same is true as you observe the Spirit. The images you see in your inner knowing, understanding and feeling are therefore imprinted on your mind and brain. You are now consciously aware that you are able to do the same as the Spirit has taught you. When you have mastered each level, you can create at will what you desire to manifest. Imaging causes it to become a part of your belief system which naturally manifests in your reality.

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