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Monday, October 18, 2010

On Becoming Your Own Life Master with Spirit Guidance - Part 1

In order for you to become a master, you must first follow the Master. You must learn his ways. You must become a student of mastery. It must be a way of life. Only the Master knows when the student is ready. So decide to be a master now. See yourself as a master. Act as a master until it penetrates your very being. Let it be your life. Put aside your past life and way of thinking to embrace a new mindset of being or living. As much as you are open and willing, the Master is willing to teach you enabling you to go to the next level of mastery as each level become complete.

There’s the basic level when you learn and set the foundations, then on the next level, you build on that foundation and keep building on the next until you come to the complete stage. When a house is completed, you are able to house the occupants. You become a shelter for others.

So, where do we begin?

The first step on the journey to mastery is listening. Jesus spent many hours away with God so he maintains connection to the Source. A master never ever separates himself from the Source. It is the way of life, the way of being. It is where his information, his knowledge is drawn from. It is there his wisdom is attained.

So, too, as you learn and master listening, making it your first priority, your way of life and your way of being, you will always have access to wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Know how to make the best decisions for your life and in every situation you encounter. You stay connected so that you are always filled with power as it continually flows through you. You know who you are and have a clear path to your purpose, what you’re about.

For example, as a child watches and observes a parent, he learns from the parent. He forms no opinion, he just watches, observes and learns and tries to do as the parent has demonstrated. The child does not know how to differentiate between whether or not if what the parent is doing is right or wrong. He merely watches and observes, absorbs the information and mimics the parent. That is Jesus’ statement when he says, “The kingdom of heaven belongs to little children. You must come as a child,” making no judgments on the matter. Just merely to watch, observe, accept by faith and do.

As you daily behold the ‘face of the Spirit’, spending time in silence until the image is so imprinted on your mind and heart, all else becomes dim. You know other things exist but they aren’t your center of attention.

Look out tomorrow for Part 2.


  1. Hello Alicia....Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could be as little children, following our Master's lead? That's what we need to do! Thanks for the post. Susan

  2. You're welcome Susan. So true but as we continue to practice, we become better at it.

  3. Alicia, thanks for that very inspiring post.Vic

  4. You're very welcome Vic. Have a blessed evening.


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