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Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Wisdom to Unlock the Door to your Health

Watching what one eats is necessary to nourish the physical body. Physical exercise is also an important element to maintain good health. But most importantly, one needs to deal with one's spiritual connection and thought process to ensure overall health. 

If our thoughts are not in harmony with the spiritual laws we reap the results of this disharmony. We cannot expect to have long lasting physical success and make the progress we desire to have if we are harbouring feelings of worry, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem and any other negative emotions which hinder any results. These emotions produce resistance in our bodies and inhibit any health success we're trying to make.

When we remove these negative emotions from our lives we become open to receive the wisdom of the Spirit to unlock the door to our health. Wisdom comes from being in harmony with the Universal Mind of God, and by acting on this wisdom in the form of inspired ideas, we are moving with the wind of the Spirit and going with the flow of health.

The key to our wholeness begins within - with our inner connection with the Universal Spirit and our thought patterns that are in harmony with the Mind of God.

Not getting the results you desire? Check your spiritual connection, check your thought patterns. Are they in harmony with wholeness, in health? Do you see yourself as whole? Do you see yourself at the ideal weight? Do you accept this as your belief?

Start from within and work outward to create the change you desire to manifest.

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