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Monday, October 25, 2010

Spirituality - 7 Ways to Wisdom to Unlock Doors in your Life - Part 1

Come up higher and hear what the Spirit has to offer. No longer can you stay where you are using recycled and old methods of the past to live. You must ascend to a higher plane and leave the old way of thinking behind.

The Spirit is always ready but you must get into the flow of the Stream. You must move with the wind of the Spirit. You can no longer afford to stay on the banks of time. You need to leave fear behind and jump into the flow.

No longer can you depend on old knowledge or wisdom without the Spirit. Feeling stuck? You need wisdom and insight from above and you need it now. The old ways no longer work because the wind of change has come.

How can you get the wisdom you need from the Spirit to unlock the doors in your life?

#1 – Ask

What does the Spirit has to offer? Wisdom is available for any situation you have encountered or ever will encounter. There’s always an answer but you must ask. Many times we don’t have because we don’t ask and when we do ask we don’t really expect the answer. Let today be a new beginning and be willing to ask the Spirit for guidance to unlock the doors in your life.

#2 – Be open

Openness to new ideas, inspiration and instructions will pave the way for success. If you’re doing things one way all the time and you’re not getting any results don’t you think it’s time you’re open to try something new. This has nothing to do with doing something one time or a couple of times and you don’t see results yet and then you decide to give up. This is more about doing something for awhile and perhaps for years, staying in your so-called comfort zone even though it proves to be unsuccessful. There’s a difference.

#3 – Knowing the origin of the inspired idea

So you decided to ask and you’re open to new ideas but how would you know that your answer came from the Spirit and know that it is the right step to take? You will know because you’d know that the idea didn’t originate from you. E.g. you may say something like, “Why didn’t I think of that before?” You’ll feel inspired, excited and at peace.

Look out for Part 2 tomorrow


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