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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Action Thursday - Your Success Action Plan - 3 Steps from Cause to Results

Every action leads to a reaction and every cause has an effect. Every tree was once a seed which was sown in the right environment and given the chance to grow and bear fruit.

So it is with your success. It has a starting point like a seed, followed by the growth process and maturity period of fruit bearing which are your results. Let's look at the 3 steps from cause to results to create your success action plan.

Step #1 - Your thoughts - The Cause of Your Success

Your thoughts in relation to what you desire to achieve are your seeds. In choosing your seed you must know what type of harvest you want, hence the reason for choosing a definite goal and being completely clear on what results you want to manifest.

You must now put all your energy, will power and effort to back that thought to ensure your thought seed, your desire, your dream has the opportunity to grow to maturity. You are taking the idea out of your head into tangible form.  

Step #2 - The Nurturing Process

Create your action plan and keep the weeds of distractions out. When you daily reaffirm your decision to your success, the weed of procrastination will not be able to thrive and overtake your success growth. External obstacles may come but the most important ones you need to look out for are the ones that are created in your own mind, the sabotaging self talk that comes to negate your progress and the fears that keep you bound from moving ahead.

Just as a gardener observes the growth of his garden to ensure old roots don't spring up into his crop, so you must observe your own thoughts and emotions with the intent to eliminate the deep roots of negativity and past failures from hindering your present success.

Step #3 - Your Results

Put your plan into action. Be confident and believe that you will succeed no matter how long it takes and in spite of any delays or setbacks. Create new plans if you have to. Make adjustments to your current plan and activities, if you must, but keep pressing forward.

In our garden, not all our seeds germinated and when that happened we simply planted new seeds. May be your first thought seeds did not mature and bring the success you desire, but plant new thought seeds again and continue to nurture them. At harvest time not all of our vegetables came in but we kept trying and we keep learning and looking for new ways to improve our results.

Your life results are important for your continued enrichment. Getting involved with like-minded individuals can help you nurture and develop this mindset to create your success, help you to keep on track and encourage you if the road to your success becomes tough.

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