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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Success - 5 Causes You Need to Effect Personal Success

Every effect came from a seed - the cause of your results. Similarly, your personal success comes out of the cause which is the seed that grows into and produces the effects you desire. Here are 5 causes you need to effect personal success.

Cause #1 - Choose a definite goal

You must be clear on what you want to achieve. A clear image of your goal gives you definite direction in which to point your 'sail' of activity. If you are unclear on what you want to manifest in your life how can you attract what is beneficial for you? You must focus in on what you want.

Cause #2 - Place all your energy on that goal

Remove the things in your life that are draining your energy and that are moving you away from the direction of your goal. Placing all your energy on reaching your goal gives vitality to that goal and begins to shape and mould your goal into form.

Cause #3 - Everything to back that goal

When you place all your will power and effort behind achieving your goal - your body, your mind, your spirit - you are summoning the energy of the universal power to operate on your behalf. The energy that's going out from you sends a definite message out to the universe and the mirrored image of your desire returns to you as you continue towards the finish line.

Cause #4 - Keep your eyes wide open

Be open to the opportunity that presents itself that will allow you to take even one step toward your goal. Sometimes opportunities come cloaked in adversity. Sometimes they come cloaked in any form other than what you initially expected. But keep your eyes wide open. Ask yourself this question, "Where is this offer going to take me. Is it a chance for me to get closer to my goal?" Allow the inner wisdom and peace of the Spirit to be your guide in your final decision to accept or not accept this opportunity.

Cause #5 - Be faithful

No matter what the outward circumstance looks like be faithful to your goal. Sometimes it may look like you're not going anywhere, you're not making progress. But continue to moving forward in the direction of your target. The path may seem dark at times and all you may have is that burning desire inside you to achieve success. Let this fire within move you forward to overcome any obstacles and bring you out into the light of victory.

Getting involved with like-minded individuals can help you nurture and develop the mindset to create the causes you need even more, help you to keep on track and encourage you if the road to your success becomes tough.

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