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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Success - 5 Mental and Physical Activities You Need to Engage in to Achieve Success

Achieving success comes as a result of engaging in certain mental and physical activity in order to invite its appearance. These 5 mental and physical activities are paramount to your success.

Activity #1 - Visualize your goal

See yourself experiencing your goal in spite of outward conditions. Outward conditions are the results of your dominating thoughts. Therefore, as you recreate your inner thoughts and ideals you'd need to give the outer conditions a chance to transform into form mirroring your inner world. Your imagination is a powerful tool. Use it to keep your mind focused on achieving success.

Activity #2 - Create a plan

You may not know all the details of how you're going to get to your final destination but you can begin with what you know. Ask a question for those areas that are blurred to you, those areas that you're not sure what steps to take. As you ask you are becoming clear on what information you need to take the next step. This clarity creates the path for wisdom to come to you whether it comes in the form of book, audio or from a friend.

Activity #3 - Keep out distractions

Let nothing distract you from your goal. Jumping to another opportunity because this one doesn't seem likes it working out will surely undermine your progress. If your eyes are wondering onto other things you will not achieve what you set out to do. Success is a growth process and you must be willing to allow the process to unfold each day and be committed to seeing it to the finish line.

Activity #4 - Be confident and believe

Be confident that you will get what you want and believe that you will as well. If you allow doubt to enter your mind it will sabotage your progress. "I will succeed. Success is mine. I know I will accomplish what I set out to do. All is working out on my behalf." These affirmations will continue to build inner strength and confidence as you move forward each day. They will give you that added energy and empower you from within to keep pressing onward and upward.

Activity #5 - Reaffirm your decision everyday

Nurture your dream daily. You must tend the garden of your dreams to ensure continued growth. Neglect will surely give way to weeds entering your life. Reaffirm your decision each day keeping a watchful eye to ensure your progress. Your initial decision to achieve your goal needs that daily reaffirmation to keep the fire of your decision alive and burning brightly. As you continually feel the heat of your desire it will propel you into daily action to secure your success.

Getting involved with like-minded individuals can help you nurture and develop this mindset to create the mental and physical activities even more, help you to keep on track and encourage you if the road to your success becomes tough.

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