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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On Becoming Your Own Life Master with Spirit Guidance - Part 2

Judge not and you would not be judged. To judge something is to make or form an opinion of something whether right or wrong. When you judge someone or something, you open yourself to be judged by another based on the measure of your judgment. It comes back to you like the reflection or image from a mirror. Do as a child does, merely observe.

On becoming a master, you observe learn from the Spirit and act as the Spirit has taught you. A child’s first attempt to talk or even walk does not come out exactly as one who has been doing it for years, but you delight in your child’s attempt to try and to mimic you in the capacity that she or is able. The same is true of the Spirit. The Spirit delights in your attempt to mimic what you’ve learned in your capacity and encourages you forward to get better and master what you’ve been taught.

As you spend time in the silence and fine tune your listening to the daily internal guidance of the Spirit, you continue to watch the Spirit, observe, learn, and act on what the Spirit tells you. You will find that as you do this, mastery becomes the way of life for you just by your mere observing. The life of the Spirit becomes imprinted on your mind and the image of Spirit’s likeness takes form within your inner being.

The child observes and the images observed become imprinted on the child’s mind. Remember, the brain sees in pictures not words. So as the child focuses on the parents’ facial expressions, the picture is imprinted, not only on the mind and becomes a part of the subconscious memory, but this new message and picture imprinted on the brain is sent to the body to create the same image.

That’s the purpose of visualization, imaging. It’s the continual observing of a behaviour or an image, absorbing the details and movements and allowing the brain to make a mental copy of this behaviour or image. It becomes imprinted on the mind, like a rubber stamp.

Look out tomorrow for Part 3


  1. Hi Alicia...I am definitely visualizing. Thanks for the reminder. Susan

  2. That's great Susan. Keep at it and most importantly, own it.


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