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Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - How to Create a Spiritual, Mental and Physical Action Plan for Successful Weight Loss

We are made up of spirit, mind and body. Because of this triune combination we must bring into operation all the levels of spirit, mind and body to aid the success of any plan.


You are more than just your body. Knowing the role your body plays in the process of living will help you define yourself and see your life in a different light. Your body functions to physically express the thoughts and desires of your inner spirit. Identifying with your body as the all and end all of who you are only puts you in a place of limitation and distorts the true identity of your unlimited potential as a spirit being.

So what kind of spiritual plan can you create to aid your weight loss?

Shift your perspective from your physical body to your spiritual unlimited being. Your power lies in your connection with the Universal Source of Power and you draw your life sustenance, confidence, joy, love, peace and wisdom from your Source. Accepting, embracing and living this truth causes the false identity of low self esteem caused by being overweight to begin to lose its grip on you.

This begins to put you into a position of non-resistance (no more fighting/struggling within yourself) and more into acceptance of yourself which will make the process of weight loss more of a natural, instead of forced, process.

Spiritual plan - daily practice mental shifting from physical limited identity to spiritual unlimited potential. "I am an unlimited being. I am one with the Source of Power. I can overcome anything."


A mind that stops learning becomes dormant and loses its sharpness and alertness. Your imagination, the workshop of your mind must be kept in tip top shape to continue to engage in the vivid visualization creative process.

Visualize yourself daily at your ideal weight and size. Let your imagination explore the way you move at your ideal weight, the way that new outfit would fit at your ideal size and how contented you feel that you've finally reached your goal. Important of all, own the image.

You cannot be separate from your image mentally and expect it to be yours. You must own it; see you as the person at your ideal weight. Feel you as the person at your ideal weight. Believe in yourself as the person at your ideal weight. Exercise those mental muscles so they can continue to develop strength and become more vivid in the creative process.

Mental plan - Daily exercise your mind using and developing your imagination with vivid animation of your ideal weight and size. What do you look like? How do you feel?


Once you've got the spirit and the mind working together in sync on your behalf, now comes the body. Your spirit, which has now been energized from the connection to the Universal Source, sends this energy wave to your mind in the form of thought waves. As you accept these thoughts and allow the imagination of your mind to go to work to create unique ways of exercise/activities/workout routine to follow, the weight begins to fall off. Start looking at your food differently making healthier food choices to nourish your body which in turn nourishes your mind.

Body plan - Daily engage in physical activity - whether it's brisk walking, jogging, weight training and/or a combination of these. Make sure you're having fun. Include some other fun activities as well - playing with the children, bike riding, playing tennis - get creative. 

See how they're all working together? The order is imperative because if you only focus on the physical weight loss without looking within yourself to align your spirit and mind, you'll feel like you're engaged in an uphill battle of the bulges. If you're identifying with your body only and dislike the way you look, you're working against yourself. These other intangible areas need to be dealt with in order to create the change you desire to achieve.

These steps will get you started. It's your turn to create your own. 

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