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Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Becoming Your Own Life Master with Spirit Guidance for Effective Weight Loss

The master looks beyond appearances into the truth. Regardless of what your external situation looks like or what your body looks like at this present time, the master's focus rests on the truth of who you are internally and not on what physical appearances display. 

Our current external conditions are changeable and are therefore not our permanent state of being. Based on this knowledge we know that nothing remains the same and we can take comfort in knowing that this too will pass no matter how long the condition existed. 

Truth stands strong in the face of adversity. The question is, "What do you believe about your present situation, about your weight, about who you are?" Before you can move into truth, you must first know what you currently believe. 

When you look at your current external condition do you believe what your condition is saying to you? You're poor and always will be? You're overweight and always will be? You're sick and always will be? What do you believe? Do you agree with this statement? Do you believe the lie or the illusion? 

Here is where we begin to disagree with this lie and believe the truth. Truth is, by nature you are healthy, you are wealthy and your weight condition is only temporary. When you begin to believe this and accept this as your truth, you are beginning the imprinting process of who you are. 

This is not always an easy step because you've been trained to look at your external condition and respond to it and not the other way around which is to look at the truth of who you are, believe that and manifest it in your life. 

This way of thinking must be practiced on a daily basis - doing the mental shifting from what you see with your physical eyes to what your ideal desire and truth are. As you begin to see your ideal desire and truth in your inner vision and focus more on that, you'll begin to draw on inspired ideas and wisdom for your particular situation. 

There's always a solution to every problem we have, but we must enter into the silence, listen for the inner guidance of the Spirit and follow along into the truth to get the results we desire. Your answer rests in the heart of the Spirit. 


  1. Great post, Alicia. It's true that we can begin to change the OUTSIDE by first changing the inside. Hope your day is great. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Yours too. Have a great weekend.


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