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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Action Thursday - How To Create Your Own Affirmations

Affirmations are a combination of words that verbally express ones thoughts. Thoughts become expressed through words and lead into action to manifest ones desires. Therefore, clarity in your desires is essential in crafting your affirmations to specifically express your thoughts.

You can use affirmations created by others that are in alignment with your thoughts/desires. Or you can create your own using this simplified process. 

Action Steps to Create your affirmation

What do you want to manifest?

Become clear on what you desire. You're looking at the final outcome. What does your life harvest look like? Be as specific and detailed as possible. 

Visualize it

What does your desire look like? Can you picture it clearly? What image comes to mind? Remember you can use pictures from magazines or the internet or other resources to help you get a clear vivid image.

Get your emotions involved

Getting your feelings involved in this process will help you better define your affirmation. It is the joy of having your desire that connects you to the affirmation and make them come alive for you. What feeling words can you include in your affirmation? Are you feeling peace, full of love, joyful, full of life? What does it feel for you?

Write your affirmation

Now it's time to put pen to paper and write out your affirmation. You're taking your thoughts out of your head and making them more crystallized on paper, more tangible. We'll work through a few examples putting these steps together. 

Example #1 - Healing (The harvest - what you want to manifest)

I am completely whole. I am healthy. Life-giving energy flows through every cell of my body renewing and filling them with new vigour. I am full of life and energy. I can move around freely. My body is growing stronger every day. 

Example #2 - Relationship (The harvest - what you want to manifest)

My partner and I are growing closer together everyday. I love my partner. My heart is full of love toward my partner. I am enjoying a happy relationship with my partner. Our communication skills are improving each day. 

Example #3 - Wealth (The harvest - what you want to manifest)

All my needs are met and more. Money flows to me on a continuous basis. I am filled with creative ideas to direct the flow of money to me. I'm a wise steward over my money. I feel blessed that I'm able to share my wealth with others. 

Now, you try. Create your own affirmations, become one with them and allow them to grow in and through you producing your life harvest in your physical reality.

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