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Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Redirect Your Discouragement Energy Into Enthusiasm to Maximize Weight Loss

On your journey to achieving your ideal weight loss goal, discouragement may set in at times when you're not achieving your expectation. What do you do then to redirect the negative energy of discouragement into enthusiasm to maximize weight loss?

Instead of allowing the feeling of discouragement to consume you and tempt you into giving up, look for ways in which you can redirect your energy to give you better results.

Energy Redirection #1 - Shift gears

If what you're currently doing isn't working, it may be time for you to 'shift gears', try something different. When I first started out, I would do stretches and add some aerobic exercises in the mix. Even though I got some results, I felt that I wasn't satisfied and I wanted more. So I got outside and added brisk walking to my routine. Sure enough, my results increased.

Energy Redirection #2 - Expand on what you're already doing

If you're already walking, you can add other things to it, like swinging your hands back and forth (with elbows bent) so you're using more energy and getting more of your body involved. Add an extra mile onto your distance as well or jog for 1 minute, walk for 1 or 2 minutes, jog again for 1 minute. You'll find your body will start sweating at this rate of interval training making a perfect blend of high and low impact workout.

Energy Redirection #3 - Take it up a notch

Taking your exercise routine up a notch gets your body out of the comfort zone and into the fat burning zone. You may find that you're extending yourself just a bit more but this is where you begin to really maximize your efforts and produce even more results. Add weight training to your routine. Your muscles require a whole lot more energy for daily maintenance. Weight training will cause you to burn more fat and will continue to do so even beyond the actual workout session.

Another area you can also examine is your calorie intake to ensure that your output in energy usage, fat burning, is more than you're consuming.

Don't get discouraged but be encouraged and redirect your energy into a stronger healthier you!

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