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Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - How to Use Affirmations to Keep you Motivated to Lose Weight

We've already established that affirmations are very effective in helping you create the mindset for attracting your desires and reaching your goals. Let's look at the closer application of this powerful tool. How can affirmations actually keep you motivated to help you reach your ideal weight?


Nothing is created or changed unless you first make a firm decision that you'll reach your ideal weight. Don't allow procrastination to overcome you here. Even if you don't consciously know where to begin, decide that you will start and you will reach your goal.


You must first have a clear image of what you want to achieve. What does this image look like? What size are you - size 10, size 8? Can you see it? If you're having difficulty imagining your body at the ideal weight, get a picture from a magazine or the internet to help you. You'll use this image as a visual imprint on your brain. Absorb every detail and commit it to memory.

Create your affirmation

You've made the decision; you're clear on what you'd like to look like. Now's the time create your affirmation. Here's an example, "I'm full of energy at my ideal weight of 120 lbs wearing a size 8. I am healthy and whole." Place this in a prominent place where you can read it often and commit it to memory. 

Own your affirmation

You must now begin to own your affirmation. You can say these words over and over and not be connected to them, and not own them either. Repetition is the key to owning these affirmations as your own until you actual begin to believe them and can truly affirm them to yourself. This is where you connect your energy and emotions to bring them to life in your life. 

Affirmation and visualization

Remember your picture? As you are repeating your affirmation hold that image in your mind. See this image as you. Feel it in your body. Allow the cells of your body to feel the feelings of being at your ideal weight. You are reprogramming, not only your mind by imprinting this image on your brain, but this mental image will now transmit this message to your body. Feel your body reshaping and taking on its new form.

Practice the Formula for Success

R=IOT, Repetition = Imprint Over time

As you repeat your affirmation and practice these steps, you are pulling more and more energy into your image which will begin to crystallize into words and actions to create and materialize your desire. You are keeping the fire burning under your desire. You are keeping the motivation alive. You are pushing off doubt and negativity that stands in the way of you reaching your goal. You are opening the way to creative ideas to break down barriers that have been hindering you from reaching your ideal weight. 

Follow the inner guidance as the wisdom comes to you. No matter where you are and how much you may be struggling, there IS an answer for you, there IS a solution for you and as long as you believe and open your mind to receive, the solution will come to you. It may not be what you've heard before, but it will bring the resolution you've been searching for but never knew was always there waiting for you to reaching out and take hold of it.

Look out on Monday as we delve into the 2nd element of affirmations.


  1. Okay, Alicia. I have entire inspiration boards of magazine cutouts---one board in my bedroom and two in my office. I guess I never really have envisioned MYSELF as being one of those people in fashions I love! I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks. Susan

  2. There you go Susan. The key is to take the image from the inspiration board, apply to yourself and own it. Get into the image and become it.


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