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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Affirmations - 3 Elements To Empower Your Affirmations So You Manifest Your Desires - Part 3

Your imagination plays a vital part in the vitalization of your affirmations. What do you see when you're repeating your affirmations? What do you imagine? Do your words create a picture in your mind?

Element #3 - Visualization

Our brain communicates in images. Therefore having a clear image of your desire is the first step in visualization. Let's use our health example from above. What does it look like to you being healthy? What picture do you imagine? What's your mental image? Are you full of energy when flu season comes around? You can breathe easily, you feel strong, you feel confident at that time of the year because your body is whole and you know it. Can you see that image clearly? Make it even more define if need be.

Now, apply this concept to your own personal situation. Do you see yourself enjoying and living the life of your dreams? What does it look like to you? This is where a vision board can be a very useful tool. Having a vision board and not connecting with it would be the same as saying affirmations and not connecting with them emotionally or believing in them.

The purpose of the vision board is to help you get clear on what you desire, have a mental image of your desire and as you look at your vision board, adding your feelings to having your desire, that image is imprinted on your brain which sends that message to your body. As you're feeling the feelings and believing in your vision board image, you're implanting this into your subconscious where it will take root.

This vision board technique helps to develop your imagination bringing vivid colours and images to your brain. If you memorize this image, even when you are not in front of the vision board, you can still have a vivid image imprinted in your mind. Seeing the picture now?

How does the Formula for Success work with Affirmations? Look out tomorrow as we dive into this.


  1. Thanks, Alicia. That was a great post. I LOVE vision boards. I call them "inspiration" boards. They are fun to make and also connect with. I have to connect more with the ones I have. Sincerely Susan

  2. You're welcome Susan. Yes, connecting with them and owning the image is the key to benefiting from them.

  3. That was a great post. Vic


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