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Monday, September 27, 2010

Affirmations - 3 Elements To Empower Your Affirmations So You Manifest Your Desires - Part 2

When you repeat your affirmations, how do you feel? Are your words lifeless, or do they have meaning to you? Are you connected or do you feel disconnected from your affirmations?

Element #2 - Feelings

When you're saying your affirmations, adding your emotions is fuel to your affirmations. You need to connect with the essence of who you are. Feel the feelings of having your desire. E.g. I'm healthy and whole. What does that feel like to you? Allow your heart to get in touch with those feelings. Allow your body to feel whole. Just as you'd savour the taste of your favourite meal or enjoy basking in the rays of the sun.

Become engaged in your affirmation. Let them come to life in your body. You may not see the spiritual connection, but that energy transmits on an intangible level and attracts the same energy to it which begins to change, organize and create the manifestation of your desire. That's why it's important to keep repeating this process. Why? Because the more you do this, the more energy you're giving to your desire and the more it begins to take shape and form and crystallize into your reality.

Look out tomorrow for the #3 element. 


  1. Hi Alicia...Great post. I'm trying to put into practice your suggestions about affirmations. Today, add the FEELING associated with it. Okay. I can do that. Hope you have a wonderful new week of life! Susan

  2. That's great Susan. Keep doing that and get connected to your affirmation.

  3. That's so true. When one is not connected with ones affirmations, its repitition means nothing. Most people ask how one can get connected to his/her affirmations? Answer: add emotions to your affirmations and a connection is established. Thanks Alicia.Vic

  4. That's exactly it Vic. The emotions are the essence of who you are. They bring to life your affirmation and connects you to them. You're welcome. Thanks for sharing.


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