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Monday, September 13, 2010

Procrastination - How to Develop the Habit of Definite Decision to Overcome Procrastination - Part 1

Repetition is the key to establishing a new habit, and determination and persistence will sustain and bring permanency to the new way of life.

In order to overcome procrastination, we need to master the decision making process. The following provides a step by step process to establishing this new habit.

1) Desire

What is it you want? Once you know what you want and have a clear image of it, you can move to the next stage. Clarity of your desire is paramount to obtaining it. Vague desires bring vague results. Become specific and allow your mental image to be crisp and precise in order to attract the mirrored image of your desire.

2) Decision

Decide that you will have your desire. Make a firm decision that you will stop at nothing until your desire is materialized. Many times we don't get the results we desire is because we never make a firm decision that we'll have what we want. We don't see how we're going to manifest what we want so we never make a firm decision that we'll have it. Did you know that decisiveness, even when you're not sure which way to go, opens the way for the answer to come? Think about that.

3) Set a time to begin

Set a definite date to start and begin doing what you say you will. You're putting on legs to your decision. You're getting the momentum going. You're stepping out in faith even if you only have one small idea to begin with. Every great tree once started out as a tiny seed. The size of the seed was never considered an obstacle to the greatness of the oak. Your small idea or inspiration, no matter how insignificant it may seem, contains the making of greatness. It's only waiting for you to take action, put the seed into the ground, and allow the law of growth to do its thing.

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Look for Part 2 tomorrow.


  1. Great post, Alicia. Wish I could put them all into daily practice. Not "wish," just "do" right? Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. That's right make the decision and then do. You got it.

  3. That's so true. Clarity of desire is the key to overcoming procastination and it also sets the tone for decision making and time range of ones goal. That was great Alicia.Vic


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