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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Affirmations - Do Affirmations Really Work?

Ever wondered if affirmations really work? Why would saying a bunch of words over and over change anything in your life?

Yes, affirmations do work but just as a body without the spirit is lifeless, so are affirmations without the spirit of the individual. You need to add the essence of your emotions, your desires, your belief, give life to the affirmation. If you're repeating a bunch of words and you don't believe in them or are not connected to them emotionally you'll not empower those words and energize them to work on your behalf. 

Words are powerful but they're only powerful as you vitalize them with the essence of who you are - your belief, your emotions, your desires.

How Often Do You Repeat Affirmations?

Before I go into how often you should repeat affirmations, you need to understand why affirmations are repeated over and over again. 

You've created a habit of thinking the way you are now because of the thought seeds that has been sown in the soil of your subconscious mind and nurtured to the point of it becoming your habitual thought process. Now that you've come into the realization that you need to change what you've been doing, you've got to start the process all over again by fuelling the new thought seeds with your emotions.

For example, if your belief has been, "Every year around flu season I always get the flu," and you've been fuelling this with your fear, firm belief and expectation, now you decide that you're going to change this. You realize that this type of thinking is unhealthy for your well-being. Now, you begin to adopt the new thought seed of being healthy. 

Your new affirmation is, "I am healthy and whole." As you consciously accept this new belief, fuelling it with your emotions and seeing yourself as being healthy and whole, the new thought seeds will begin to take root and grow in your life to manifest a healthier you.

How often then would you repeat your new affirmation? As often as possible throughout the day. You can set aside a few minutes during the day to consciously connect to your new thought seed, "I am healthy and whole." Whenever you learn something new, how often do you need to keep practicing it before you get the hang of it? Once a day every day, three times a day? 

Use the success formula - R=IOT, Repetition = Imprint Over Time. Repetition is the key to affirmations being effective in your life.

Tomorrow we'll look at the Elements to Empowering your Affirmations.


  1. That's true. Many of us do not really get to understand the importance of affirmation and the effects of its repitition. Let me put it this way 'Repition is to the seed thought (affirmation) just as fertilizer is to the seed crop (plant)'. That was a great post, Alicia. Vic

  2. I think affirmations are great, Alicia, and can be very effective. I've posted them on my refrigerator, mirrors, etc. Thank you for all your great posts. Susan

  3. Thanks Vic. I like the way you worded that. The affirmations keep empowering our thought seeds and vitalizing them with energy.

  4. You're welcome Susan. Keep repeating them daily so them become embedded within you and keep nourishing your seed thoughts/your desires.


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