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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Procrastination - Believe in Yourself to Overcome Procrastination

Where ever self-doubt exists procrastination presents itself. You could never achieve anything worth having without faith. You must believe that you will have your desire in order for you to receive it and based on that belief move into action to overcome procrastination.

What then is faith?

It is the acceptance that you will have what you say you desire and the belief that it is yours even though the outward circumstances show a different picture. It's the inner knowing that you will achieve your goal even though there are no signs of its appearance.

Do Your Part

When you sow a seed in the ground you know that it will germinate and grow. It's not your business to make it grow but it is your responsibility to choose the seed and put it into the ground. Similarly, adopting the same mindset regarding achieving your goal will energize you to take the necessary action needed knowing that you will have what you desire as long as you do your part.

Release doubt

Doubt will always dig up any seed of hope and set you back into procrastination. Keep doubt out and it will not take root and undermine what you're working on.

Use Affirmations

"I know I can do this. I have the will, the courage and the strength to complete this task.” Create your own affirmations to energize you and recreate the mindset you need to move you into action.


Be persistent in believing in yourself. The energy of your belief will create the momentum you need to keep you moving forward toward your goal and move you from the state of procrastination into activation.

Belief in yourself makes you whole. What would you do now?


  1. When you sow a seed its also not necessary to dig it up to check whether it has germinated bcos by doing so you disrupt the whole process. Doubt disrupts the whole process and should be eliminated at all cost.
    You're posts are really encouraging, Alicia. Vic

  2. So true Vic. I like that 'disrupt the whole process.' Because we'll have to start all over again which at times could be costly and delays the process.

    Have a great day Vic. Thanks for sharing.


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