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Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting My Body Back - Procrastination vs. Action

Procrastination may be experienced in many areas of our lives. But when coming to weight loss, in order to get the full benefit from it, procrastination has no place. No one ever gets into shape by just planning on getting into shape. If that was the case I'd sure be the first in line for planning. You'd have to make the application and actively become engaged in the necessary action steps needed to get you closer to your goal.

1) Desire

Your desire should be more than just a fantasy. Your desire should be strong enough to move you into action. A weak desire has no power and energy behind it and therefore will not energize you to do anything about getting to your goal.

2) Decision

When you make a decision to get to your ideal weight it is not just a onetime deal. This decision needs to be made over and over again, sometimes daily because when you first start off you're all excited and that excitement energizes you to keep going. But as you get into it, a couple weeks, a month, three months or more down the road, you need to reaffirm your decision and sometimes recommit to your decision to get to your ideal weight. Life happens but the most important thing is to get back on track and keep moving forward.

3) Set a time to begin

Having a specified date to start and how often you're going to workout during the week gets your mind prepared and geared up to make this happen for you. It also helps you to get your schedule organized and keep you on track.

4) Faith

Doubt will inhibit and undermine your workout efforts. Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same space. Either you will believe that you can do it and that belief will be evident in your words followed by your actions, or you will doubt and that too will be evident in your words and in your actions. Either one will get results but will it be the results you desire? Whichever seed you sow will produce the fruit in kind. Choose faith. Believe in yourself and keep believing every day. And when doubts show up and knock on your door, reply with words of faith.

5) Persistent

Persistence in any undertaking is the key to success. You may face illness, hormonal changes, emotional highs and lows, family situations - life issues in general. But once you keep your goal in focus and have the persistent mindset, whatever comes your way in the form of setbacks, you can rise up again and continue on your journey.

6) The Master mind

We all need someone who can help us get out of the rut we sometimes find ourselves in. When you surround yourself with people who can help encourage you toward your goal you can better resist the urge to procrastinate than when you're on your own. If working with a group or at a gym helps you, then that's the place you should find yourself. The energy alone will motivate you to keep pressing forward.
7) Organized Planning

What would your workout schedule look like? Will you be jogging only, walking only, weight training only or a combination of some or all? What would your meals consist of? Formulate your plan and put them into action. At first it may seem overwhelming because you're changing your habitual way of doing things. But when you implement these changes a little at a time and add the persistent element to it, you'd find that it becomes more of a way of life than a chore.

Remember, you can always add variety. We are not robots and as they say, "Variety is the spice of life." You want to have fun. Rigidity takes the fun out of life if you're not enjoying what you're doing. Find the joy in your workout and you'll find that procrastination will take its exit through the back door.

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