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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Affirmations - How to Use the Formula for Success with Affirmations to Manifest your Desires

Knowing about affirmations and how they work is only part of the benefit. You get the full benefit when you put this knowledge into use, not only once but over and over again until they leave their imprint in your life. Remember the formula for success R=IOT, Repetition = Imprint Over Time. When you repeatedly use the elements of affirmations you become stronger in understanding the application of affirmations. 

Let's look at each element with the application of the formula for success.

Element #1 - Belief

Repetition of your affirmation affirms your belief. It strengthens it. You begin to feel more empowered from within even if at first you may not have fully believed your affirmation, your mind will begin to accept this belief as true over time. You may say, "I do believe I can have this. I do believe I can achieve my goal. I do believe I am whole." Something inside of you will click. 

Because all the while you've been repeating your affirmation you've been nurturing that thought seed and it's been growing inside of you. You can consciously connect with it because it has gone through the germination period within you and has started to grow where you can actually feel your belief-strength growing in you.

Element #2 - Feelings

As you add the feeling element over and over to your affirmation, you are forming the inner connection with your affirmation. You are engaged in the process of owning your affirmation. You are becoming one with your affirmation. The more you can feel your affirmation, the more you can see yourself experiencing your desire and the more fuel and energy you are adding to that dream. 

When you feel that energy inside of you, you become more excited about it which propels you forward into more inspired action and draws creative ideas to you. You were given feelings for a reason and are not the sign of weaklings but the strength of the empowered because you feel alive and not numb or disconnect from the desires that come out of the core of your soul. 

Element #3 - Visualization

The imagination is the workshop of the mind and as you use it to visualize your desire over and over again your creativity to build your ideal image becomes more vivid. This imaging process communicates with the brain which in turn sends that message over and over to your body. 

What's happening in this process? The energy wave is being transmitted to your body over and over again influencing your body cells. All of this becoming a part of the intangible aspect of the manifestation process which eventually crystallizes on the tangible plain. 

The way we look at things determines our perspective which in turn influences our experience and then our reality. Repeated visualization changes our perspective, changes the way we look at our situation which will influence our experience and ultimately our manifestation. 

Combining all three elements together produces a great energy wave that creates change in your life. Don't forget to follow the inspired ideas as they come to you and take the necessary action on the physical plain. Keep your eyes open for others that may come into your life that hold in their hands the answer to your solution. We are all part of the whole and even if the solution did not come to your mind, it may arrive through someone else. Pay attention. 

Look out tomorrow for Action Thursday and get ready to go through the step by step process of creating your own affirmations.


  1. Beliefs, feelings, visualization. Okay. Going to put all three into practice today. Thanks, Alicia. Sincerely, Susan


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