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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Change - The Process of Change

What to do when what you used to do doesn’t work anymore.

There’s a time in your life when you go through a period of transition. You’re used to doing things one way and it’s worked for you; the way you got a job or did business or even handle your personal affairs. You had a system and you understood how it worked for you. But what happens when your world starts to fall apart, piece by piece, and what used to work so smoothly for you seem to produce ineffective results?

This may be a transitory time in your life; a crossroads where you need to change course or methods of doing things and regroup. It may be a time to learn new skills, acquire new or additional thinking patterns/mindset.

In order for us to grow, we need to come out of our comfort zones and step out beyond our normal routine. Change cannot occur in a position of stagnation. The environment of growth requires change. We may not enjoy going through the process of change but the end results brings us to a better place than where we were before and the lessons learned invaluable.

When the season of change comes sometimes we become resistant at first. Recognizing our season of change, surrendering to and trusting the process allows us to be open to receiving the rewards of change and reap the benefits of the next level we should be, at that point in our lives.

Change comes at times to cause us to take a microscopic look at the way we’ve been living in the past and make adjustments for the future.

The process of change sometimes brings us to a place of isolation so we can be taught privately without the influence of our familiar environment or friends.

The process of change causes us to appreciate and see the value of what’s most important and realize that the things that we put as priority and labelled important may not be as important as we thought.

Questions we need to ask when we face a period of transitory chaos:

Why am I going through this?

What’s the lesson being taught here?

Things are not working out; what direction should I be taking?

What is my position/place?

Am I doing what I should be doing?

What changes should I make?

The process of change sometimes brings us to a place to establish new relationships which will meet different needs at that stage in our life and the life of others.

It causes us to see life from a different angle and take on a new perspective. It reveals the inner person we are and causes us to learn to let go and follow as the doors open.

When you’re faced with a transitory period and nothing seems to work as they’ve done before, stop, listen closely to that inner voice, check your heart to see if where you are is where you really want to be then walk through the doors that open for you.

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